A Simple Approach to Making College Affordable

The team at Merit Advisors is here to guide you through the often complex college planning and funding process. Our goal is to help your college-bound student choose the best college for the best price.

Attend a top school without sacrificing your retirement

Are you worried about how you're going to send your child to the college of their dreams without forfeiting your lifestyle or retirement savings? If you’re a parent of a student that is planning on attending college, the team at Merit Advisors will work with you on funding strategies designed to help cover the costs for college tuition, regardless of your income level. 


Three Steps to Success

Financial Aid

There are many myths out there about who qualifies for financial aid assistance.
If you are following the advice of other parents, a guidance counselor, or your accountant, it can cost you thousands!


Good grades and strong test scores are a vital part of the college admissions process, but there is more to it than just that. We will provide the strategies necessary to get accepted to dream schools.


Putting your children through college without sacrificing your retirement is the main goal at Merit Advisors. Our team has developed an easy way to end up in better financial shape than before.


Find the Best Fit College and Career

Did you know there are over 4,000 colleges/universities in the United States, but 75% of families apply to the same 50 colleges? This makes it more competitive and finding the right “fit” can be difficult. You want to ensure your child will be happy and successful while in college and after graduating. The Merit Team is here to help.

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