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People planning for retirement are slowly realizing that they may end up with an income shortfall. This is where the amount of income you desire outpaces the amount of money you have saved.

And why is that? It's because we've been conditioned by Wall Street and the big banking companies to focus on growing our assets as much as possible and strive to obtain the highest rate of return.

Unfortunately, this advice never takes into account how these assets will be turned into income and has also left many of us exposed to the four key retirement risks: (1) longevity, (2) stock market, (3) income taxes, and (4) inflation.

We believe the only way to ensure a successful retirement is through an income plan that protects your money from the four key risks.


Step 1: Identify

Collect the latest statements and documents from your retirement accounts.
Input your accounts into the Retirement Lifestyle Worksheet™.

Go over your needs and wants in our 60-minute Retirement Exploratory Discussion.


Step 2: Secure

Explore the three (3) avenues that will secure a portion of your retirement income.
Maximize your Social Security benefits and discover your optimal retirement age through our Social Security Maximization Calculator™.

Consider fixed index annuities as your additional source to cover basic living expenses.

Step 3: Protect

Assess your current tax liability.
Explore tax-advantaged options to distribute your money in the most tax-efficient manner.

Consider indexed universal life to help supplement your income during retirement while keeping your family financially protected.


Step 4: Invest

Explore your investment options.


Contrast the strategies between a standard, passive approach vs. a personalized, tactical approach.


Execute a goal that works towards growing your surplus assets in the market to enhance your wealth.

Step 5: Manage

Meet with us every year to affirm your retirement income plan still aligns with your goals.

Complete and review the Needs Assessment Checklist within the Retirement Income Review Report™.

Identify any areas for needed adjustments and change your plan accordingly.


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