Baby Steps to A Successful 2022

Did you ever watch the old comedy, "What About Bob?"

Admittedly, it probably isn't as well received with audiences today, but it does still hold some relevance to the overall human experience.

If you haven't seen the movie, it's about a guy who struggles with phobias to the point that they interfere with his daily life. He uses counselors as a crutch and leans on them to an obsessive level. The main therapist he turns to, as the movie opens, hands him a book entitled "Baby Steps." The way the writers of the screenplay use these baby steps to show growth and forward momentum in the characters is done for pure comedy. However, there's still a takeaway for us...


Baby steps work.

Often, they're the only type of step that will work as we struggle to rebuild a broken routine. As adults, when we see something in ourselves that we feel needs to change, we try to run after it. When we go too hard too fast, we generally end up falling.

When we expect perfection, we give up at the slightest sign of failure.

It's the 11th day of January. Have you kept pushing into the change you want to see this year? Or, have you set some really awesome goals and then put them aside because the action steps were too tough to fold into your routine?

If you have, you're not alone.

During these early moments of the year, we tend to create grand plans and then give up when they don't unfold with ease. But, like Bill Murry's character, we have to do the work. If you haven't set any SMART goals yet, check out this blog and this livestream, then enjoy the process! Sustainable change is possible.

Often, while we're doing the work, it looks more like we're fumbling along like a tripping toddler than running like a college-level athlete. Yet, how many of us, when we see a toddler fighting to take those first steps cast judgement on the child and think, "This child will never get anywhere! Look at how poorly his legs work!"

None of us. None of us would cast judgement on a toddler like that.

If we can appreciate the natural process for a child to learn to walk, can we also appreciate the natural stumbling, tottering work that it takes each of us to learn a new routine, skill, or habit?

Today, I invite you into grace for yourself as you build something new this year. It's not easy, but it's worth it. On the days where you're flying along effortlessly, record how that feels! Document the win! On days where you fail, find grace for yourself. Appreciate any small step you took, and find ways to overcome the obstacles that set you back. Then, keep moving.

I believe 2022 has incredible potential for you. May you find grace for yourself along the way.


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