How to Retire with Meaning and Purpose

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Your future is vitally important and I know it's not always easy to keep focused on the goals you've set for tomorrow when so much life is happening today.

But, your future is worth the work.

Here’s the data:

  • According to the Federal Reserve report from May of 2019, only 36% of non-retired adults think their retirement savings is on track.

  • Over half of the adults in our country, 64% to be exact, admit that they don’t really think they have what they need for retirement.

  • 26% of adults were recorded to have no retirement savings at all.

Please know this: you can have a steady, solid retirement.

I’ve watched people enjoy their retirement because they had a plan, worked the plan, and walked into their dream. One of the main struggles I’ve found when talking with clients is that they’re too busy. When you’re stuck in the hustle, it’s really tough to focus on building out a plan for something you won't access for years.

I've heard this in my office so many times:

"I just don't/didn't have time to think about retirement."

I'm here with these short video lessons and quick blog posts to help you make the most of the time you have: Focus. Be encouraged. Find support.

The video attached above is the first in a series of Live shows we've put together in order to help you gain motivation and tools for successful planning.

There’s a man I admire named Bob Buford who wrote a book called “Half-Time.” It’s a book that I highly recommend, though I will say it’s written from a Christian perspective, and I acknowledge that that might not be for everyone.

Buford pretty much defines the “half time” moment as the time when people begin “to think beyond the narrow bounds of a satisfying and successful career to a meaningful and useful entire life.”

So, what does that look like? Where is meaning found in the “second-half” and how do we get there?

I’ve found that there are three things that people can start to focus on alongside the financial planning that will add meaning and purpose to their transition into retirement:

  1. Gratitude - it doesn’t come naturally. It takes work to cultivate a habit of finding things to be grateful for, but it is worth the work. Without it, it’s easy to fall into the trap of regret or bitterness. Keep a perspective of gratitude as one of your goals and you will find life so much more meaningful.

  2. Relationships - Community can actually be difficult to find in this culture, but it is worth the effort. If you don’t know how to be a friend to others, it is something you can learn. Yes, life is busy, but make time to learn to be there for other people now so when you have time, you’ll also have a solid community.

  3. Aptitudes - There’s something about each one of us that is encoded in our very DNA that gives us purpose. I invite you to consider a retirement where you are still growing and contributing to something that you love, even if you aren’t showing up at work every day and getting a paycheck.

I invite you to create space in the hustle of life to dream of a future full of meaning and purpose, and set some small goals to start moving that direction.

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