Characteristics of Wealth

Accumulation Vehicles

In today’s financial industry, there are many financial products, or vehicles, which can help you accumulate wealth. Some offer tax deferred options, while some others offer guarantees, etc. With so many vehicles out there, it can get confusing and that’s why it is so important to have a trusted advisor to help guide you along the way so that you achieve your financial needs and goals.

First, let’s break down the several characteristics that every American would like to have in a financial vehicle so that they can experience the most financial gain possible:

What you want...

  • No Risk – this characteristic depends on the tradeoff, however in today’s volatile market, taking a risk has shown numerous times to be very expensive and disappointing

  • Guarantees – no matter what condition the market may be in, this option delivers dependability that your money will not be lost

  • No Penalties – within any emergency when money must be taken out, you are not penalized for any withdrawal

  • Liquidity, Use, and Control – this allows you to have access and control of your money at all times

  • Protection – if the market were to plunge tomorrow, you are protected from any financial loss

  • Leverage -  you are able to borrow against your investment and leverage your assets

  • Tax Deferred – postpone paying taxes until a later date

  • Tax Free – paying NO taxes when accumulating your wealth and also when making any  withdrawals

  • Collateral – can protect a lender from financial harm in the event you, the borrower, default on an original agreement in the event of death

  • Tax Deductible Payments – claim a tax deduction when making contribution payments

  • Disability Benefit – insures your earned income in the event of a disability

  • Wealth Transfers – the transfer of money from one individual to another


Now that we have the appropriate characteristics of what you would want in a wealth accumulation vehicle, let’s take a look at all the financial vehicles out there.  The diagram below illustrates seven financial vehicles and compares their characteristics with the characteristics you want.  The green boxes reflect the characteristics you prefer while the red boxes show how that vehicle cannot offer you that certain characteristic.

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Characteristics of Wealth Accumulation Vehicles

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to save for retirement.  We specialize in working with you to have a tax-diversified portfolio – comprising of assets in taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts - so that you’re best positioned to manage cash flow during retirement.

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