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The road to a secure retirement can seem more like climbing a mountain than taking a peaceful walk in the woods. At Merit, we teach you how to reach the summit and get all the way back home, safely. 

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The Merit Money Map


Climb with Confidence

Typical financial planning focuses on volatility. You'll never ascend a mountain if you learn to watch the weather, but never learn to use a rope! At Merit Advisors, we start with security first by maximizing the use of tax-efficient, principal protection tools. Only then do we increase your potential returns by investing the surplus savings.


Navigate Your Unique Path

Everybody’s situation is different. The Merit Advisors team takes the time to understand your needs and wants and handcraft a portfolio that reflects your specific journey. You’ll be able to track it in real time and have 24/7 access to the team.

Take Control of Your Wealth One Step at a Time

The Merit Money Map is a proprietary framework crafted to guide you through the necessary steps to enhance your wealth and bring stability to your finances.


The goal is to protect your current lifestyle and make sure it is not vulnerable to market volatility. We do this through the use of principal protection tools that are tax-efficient and built for longevity.


After we achieve income stability and tax protection, we invest the surplus savings into the tactical investment strategy, based on your needs, to increase the potential return of the overall plan.


We will actively manage your portfolio to make sure your plan stays consistent based on changes in your life and lifestyle. We’ll also review the plan periodically and look at investment performance.